Puppetcraft Workshop at Boasley Cross Primary School

Friday, 12th October, 2018

6yrs and over

‘Move that Junk!’ and ‘Junk Music’

Thanks to our supporters, The Balsdon Trust and the Norman Family Trust, Bratton Clovelly Festival are able to offer a day of Puppetcraft workshops to the children of our local primary school.

Puppetcraft are highly skilled puppet makers, musicians and story tellers. They are all qualified to work with children and bring with them a wealth of experience.  The day will include a ‘making’ workshop where the children will create a wonderful animated artwork from discarded materials; something that might live in a Tin Forest e.g. a flower, a bird or a dragon!

They will also participate in a music workshop using instruments made from a variety of ‘junk’. The music they learn will form the basis of the introduction to the public performance of The Tin Forest.

Note: These workshops are not open to the public, but BCF hopes to offer workshops to other schools in future years.