The Bratton Clovelly Festival

An exciting new music and arts initiative in the picturesque West Devon village of Bratton Clovelly, making the most of its great venues and talents. The ongoing programme covers classical, folk, world music, jazz and, sometimes, interesting fusions, as well as exhibitions of local and historic artists. Food also tends to feature quite strongly! See our Events page for a variety of upcoming events.

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Feedback From Events

Ceilidh with Spinach for Norman

"Thanks for a great time! We really enjoyed trying to work out our lefts from our rights, feet from arms and front from backs!"


Clare White Exhibition and lecture

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Clare White event - it was something wonderfully different for a Saturday evening in the village."


Penzance Youth String Orchestra

"Well done with the youth orchestra.  A most enjoyable evening."


Penzance Youth String Orchestra

"It’s heartening to see so many of the villagers ready to support these new events, it bodes well for the others in the pipeline."


Mooncake Festival

"What a lovely evening! . . . It really was an outstanding success in every way."


Balagan Cafe Band

"‘. . . seeing and hearing the Balagan Band was a real pleasure for me. And having such superb musicians come and play for us in Bratton Clovelly is a fantastic achievement of the Festival."


Balagan Cafe Band

"Yet another very good evening of entertainment. Thank you."


Semi Toned

'Really excellent concert and evening. Really enjoyed it.'


Semi Toned

'Thoroughly enjoyed the evening.'


Semi Toned

'Just to say how enjoyable it was last night. Semi-Toned are great performers. congratulations on getting them to play.'



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